"Think like" Roundtables

The issue of whether and how to use AI@Work brings together many different stakeholder groups, each with its own dynamic set of interests, goals, perspectives, and approaches.

So what does it mean, concretely, to think like these stakeholder groups?

To learn more about how they position themselves within the AI@Work issue – to see this space of opportunities and challenges through their eyes and to hear what matters most to them – you are invited to participate in a series of ”Think Like” roundtables led by representatives of the following stakeholder groups:

Social Entrepreneurs

Marleen Stikker, Founder, WAAG Society
What are we optimizing for: What would change if workers were put in charge of AI design and use?

Defence agency

Ilse Verdiesen, lieutenant-colonel, Royal Netherlands armed forces
How can AI be used to make military work more safe?

Labor organizer

Fredy Peltzer, Policy advisor, FNV (Dutch Labour Union)
What can be done at an organizational level to improve job quality when AI is introduced?

Public service organization

Dick Willems, Data Scientist, Police Unit Amsterdam
What considerations should be made when government agencies involve machine learning in decision making?

Content moderator

Sjarrel de Charon, Content moderator & book author
Will artificial intelligence ever replace human online content moderation?

Research association

VSNU (The Association of Universities in the Netherlands)

Public/Private partnership

Jeroen Maas, Challenge Lead Health, Amsterdam Economic Board
Handing over personal data for better health through AI: Yes, no, it depends…?