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‘‘Think Like’’ Roundtables

During the session "Think Like Roundtables", attendees were asked to put on a different hat and think from a perspective of an entrepreneur, policy maker, labor organizer, platform worker, incumbent, and a staffing agency.

Meet the Platform Workers

During our signature session "Meet the Platform Workers", Uber Eats and Deliveroo engaged in a constructive discussion with people who work through their platforms - this exciting panel made us laugh but also consider issues that are important to workers.

Platform Experience

Thanks to the New York-based artist Brett Wallace, we offered you a window into experiences of platform workers. Participants were able to watch short documentaries, featuring interviews with food delivery riders, Amazon Mechanical Turkers, and Handy cleaners. What more, attendees were able to do an actual gig task!

Keynote Speakers

Included Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of RSA, Laura Esnaola, Managing Director of Care.com Europe, Juliet Schor, Professor at Boston College and Koen Frenken, Professor in Innovation Studies at Utrecht University.

Latest Research Insights

Session 1

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Session 2

Research Insights 1
Research Insights 2
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Session 3

Research Insights 1
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Research Insights 3

Time to Network

We also made sure you had plenty of time to network! The drinks on Thursday, followed by the networking dinner, resulted in fruitful discussions and hopefully long-lasting friendships.


Reshaping Work 2018 conference took place at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam. The Student Hotel is the social, creative and entrepreneurial hub of the city. It is located in former printing press facilities of Het Parool and Trouw newspapers.

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